EDGE provides assets, for example, binary input, in a separate repository Due to limitations of Git, when it comes to large files, we use Git Large File Storage (Git LFS) in this repository. To use EDGE’s assets repository, install the Git LFS command-line client by following the linked instructions. Futher background information and documentation on Git LFS is available from

Obtaining Data

  • Be aware that the entire repository contains LFS pointers to data exceeding 100GB. If you are not planning on storing all of this, follow the instructions below.
  • Best performance when cloning EDGE’s assets repository, is obtained by using git lfs clone. This will download all, possibly large, files stored in the Git LFS store.
  • If you are only interested in certain files or directories, you can, by using git lfs clone --exclude=*, initialize the assets repository with non-LFS files and Git LFS pointers only. Now, to obtain only a certain file or directories, use git lfs fetch with the arguments -I and -X. For example git lfs fetch -I test/* would download all files and directories in the directory test. After downloading the files from the remote Git LFS store, you can replace the Git LFS pointers in your local Git repository with the actual files through git lfs checkout test/*.